Facilitate all round development of your child!

Pre-Primary Programme

Research shows that the experiences in the early years(under the age of 5 years) of a child shape what that child will be like as an adult.50% of child’s cognitive development is over by the age of 5.

Our school introduces a programme (curriculum and execution process) developed out of extensive research with right kind of experts to establish a school maintaining internationally accepted standards relating to healthy ,hygienic, safe and secured child-centric learning environment.

Dedicated focus on every child to ensure overall development and performance. Student teacher ratio of 25:2
(Each for Academics and Activities)

Activity Center

Activity area facilitating auditory, visual Kinesthetic, sensorial and creative resources.


Teachers trained by international experts to endure high quality teaching

Physical Development

Games & activities for physical growth

Enrichment and Remedial Programs

Programs that help children to cope up with the curriculum and pace of academics

In-house Health Centre with Pediatric Support

We believe that healthy children make happy children.

Outdoor play area, Splash Pool and sandpit

Fine motor and Gross motor activities for muscular development


An open air theater facilitating outdoor fun programmes and other stage based activities

International Assocaition

Work shops, science fairs and exchange programs

We believe in Execution!

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to involve and volunteer in child-development activities and events, Personal awareness programs to ensure their contribution towards their child development cycle.

Life Skills & Values

Life skills and values are the keys to holistic development of the child,. We conduct a holistic of activities and programs that imbibe the essential Life skills and Values into our children. We lay thrust on ensuring the practice in their day to day life.

Academic R & D and Execution process

Continuous research and development to develop in house academic resources which are challenging and engaging To work on integrating right approaches, Curriculum and practices. Time tested organized execution process and systems top endure effective functioning.

Teacher Training

We have a continuous in-house resource development and execution program to ensure that our teachers are up to date with the curriculum and the in modern methodologies and practices of teaching.